Ultra Hair Away - Questions & ANSWERS

How long does it take to work?
About 4 weeks. Thick course hair takes slightly longer, finer hair less time. Once the hair no longer grows back the Ultra Hair Away™ is used only occasionaly to maintain the look. In fact, Ultra Hair Away™ actually works faster than this but it also has to deal with dormant hairs. Ultra Hair Away™ must wait for them to grow before they become inhibited too. (One third of hair is in the dormant stage.)

Does it matter which hair removal procedure I use to get the best results with Ultra Hair Away™?
Yes. We highly recommend that you remove the hair from the roots, as with waxing, sugaring, tweezing, or electrolysis.

Is Ultra Hair Away™ a depilatory?
No. When used with customary hair removal methods it will inhibit hair growth, eventually phasing out the need for hair removal procedures.

How long will a bottle of Ultra Hair Away™ last?
This depends on the size of the areas on which you are using Ultra Hair Away™ on.

1 bottle will last as follows:
Small areas: Face/Upper Lip 7 to 8 weeks.
Medium areas: Either back or both legs or chest - 3 weeks.
Large area: Entire Body - 1 week.

Is Ultra Hair Away™ a natural product?
Virtually all ingredients in Ultra Hair Away™ are natural. The active ingredients are derived from plant enzymes, and are known as Phyto-Enzymatic-Proteins (P-E-P).

How does Ultra Hair Away™ work?
As with male pattern baldness, Ultra Hair Away™ inhibits hair growth. In effect, Ultra Hair Away™ mimics our natural hair inhibitor system.

Is Ultra Hair Away™ site specific?
Yes. Man or woman, coarse or fine hair, it works the same on all areas. Chest, back, shoulders, forearms, legs...a woman's bikini line or upper lip! It only effects the area you choose.

How long does it take for Ultra Hair Away™ to absorb into the skin?
Ultra Hair Away™ permeates the skin quickly and evenly without residue.

If I perspire, will the product resurface or will it clog my pores?

Can I use Ultra Hair Away™ with my other cosmetics, beauty or skin products?
Yes. Apply Ultra Hair Away™ and rub into the skin before applying other products to the same skin area. Ultra Hair Away will not interfere with perfumes, aftershaves, skin cremes, etc.

Will Ultra Hair Away™ cause skin or eye irritation?
When used as directed, Ultra Hair Away™ should cause no skin irritation, even on delicate surfaces. Eye irritation is also unlikely. If Ultra Hair Away™ enters the eyes, gently flush them with warm water.

Does Ultra Hair Away™ moisturize the skin?
Ultra Hair Away™ actually has a conditioning effect, protecting the skin from dryness. Even people with a history of acne have reported loving this formula!

Does Ultra Hair Away™ eliminate razor burn or ingrown hairs?
Although we cannot claim that Ultra Hair Away™ stops razor burn or ingrown hairs, we have received customer input that it has relieved these kinds of problems.

Yes thats right! Due to many users with very coarse hair follicles - we made Ultra Hair Away™ stronger so it works even faster for you. (But it's still just as gentle on your skin!) Ultra Hair Away™ is stronger than the old product, formerly called Ultimate Hair Away, by 500%! In short, Ultra Hair Away™ rocks! (your hair follicles)

Are Ultra Hair Away™ & UHA Sport the same?
NO! "UHA Sport" is an impostor. It is a knock-off imitation of Ultra Hair Away™. Their name, even their ad wording and graph is a direct rip-off of our original ad. Unscrupulous!

Ultra Hair Away (Shave No More) - More Info & Official Site


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i still prefer laser treatment in permanently removing unwanted hairs in the body. the results are proven and it is mostly used by many practitioners. bare singapore also uses it.


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